The Anatomy of the “We’ve All Been There” Line

I don’t know what to think and what to feel.

And so maybe I thought;
-Not everyone deserves the life of what they seem to have right now.

We are mere people, some lame. Others, may seem to control the unwanted. Perhaps these are the new pictures of what is life to portray. Instance is that reality is at stake of being abused. But what for really?

And I want to silence one moment to stop obscurity, friends. Decisions in pavement are regardless of insincerity and of pointless actions. You know. Whenever the obstacles won’t budge, others instantly go on divine intervention, and others just desolate themselves in rolled-up blunts and glasses of bitterness to throw it all away. And others, like me, just sit in one corner and get metaphorically killed by these thoughts. Haha. Good times though. I think I might be just a walking brain that is quietly dripping with thoughts.

Come to think of it, it’s pretty scary to be honest. For I never wanted to blabber the words that comes in my mind out of emotions and by all out of the blue. And there’s no other choice rather than the spare pint of sight. I think everyone can photograph themselves in a what-not never-ending scene of choice. Both clarity and closure is proof when the trials get worse. “We’ve all been there.” Yes, we’ve all been there.

For now, I’m just glad that it doesn’t seem any longer.
The pain will always be there.  But I’m okay.


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