The Ballad Of Tom Waits

These are the wretched times I didn’t knew why
My tears fell before a bottle of whisky and yet they never grew dry
Each of my presence maybe you’d like to deny
I was damn worried but I hated to ask you why

Days passed I didn’t felt something to satisfy what it feels
It gets more lonely every time than it seems
Everything’s changed from the last time we’ve been
It took me the pluck to do it but I was after all waiting for nothing

Maybe, I thought, just maybe, maybe
But the all the beers that swig my throat weren’t enough to please me
Perhaps, I thought it was best for me to leave and let you be
Only know that I had better wishes for you than you never had for me

These are the days when nothing meant everything when I cry
I tried to forget, smoke a stooge and just give myself a sigh
I am worried but I hated to ask you why
I was just too damn scared that maybe you’d tell me a lie